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Ernest Samsel

Joanna Dąbrowska-Samsel

ul. Grójecka 194 lok. 112, piętro 7
02-390 Warszawa

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About the Firm

ERNEST SAMSEL Law Office | Kancelaria SAMSEL | provides legal assistance with respect to all aspects of business activity in Poland. Our team of lawyers possess knowledge and abilities connected with the practice in advising Polish and foreign entities (including legal advice for the benefit of individual persons). Our works are dedicated to the process of implementing good standards of services on the legal market. We help our clients to accomplish their business objectives with every area of our specialised activities.


The long term experience of our lawyers obtained on the Polish and international market makes our firm a trustworthy business partner. We combine legal knowledge with understanding of clients' expectations. Our law office is focused on creating long-lasting and comprehensive cooperation as well as developing and implementing solutions which can meet our clients’ demands.


At the same time, we recognise the importance of our clients’ needs. Lawyers associated with our firm appreciate the economic realities of many entities we serve. In addition, we take into consideration their commercial values and methods of conducting business activities.


Our team works together on up-to-date transactions. We act according to a policy of direct involvement of the experienced advocate in each client’s matter. The firm’s system of work review makes possible that the good quality of services is maintained throughout any venture we participate in. Finally, we pay attention so that all cases are handled in an organised manner.