Training for graduates

The legal training provide further development for assistants and is designed to improve legal knowledge and to share best practices. Intention of our office is to give every assistant a possibility to learn what it is like to work as a lawyer on actual legal projects and transactions.


We offer three or six month legal training throughout the year during which legal assistants are actively involved in the activity of the office. These opportunities are addressed to students as well as graduates of law faculties who often are selected from among those interns that have shown the greatest promise during their internship period.


Legal assistants work in teams with senior lawyers. They assume responsibility for tasks entrusted to their from first day of the work in the office, always under the supervision of senior lawyers. Legal assistants become fully involved in work of office and make a significant contribution to the firm.


We support our legal assistants in balancing work in our law office with program of studies, through flexibly arranging their assignments to the maximum extent, which allows for effective participation in their mandatory courses.