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  • Restructuring of commercial companies


    At the end of last year our law office actively participated in restructuring of few economic subject,  which are important for the Polish market. Lawyers associated with our firm gave professional support helpful in the difficult process of internal, which aimed to modernization and improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the restructured economic subjects. Restructuring involved big Polish companies and branches of foreign companies in Poland.

  • Internship program for law students


    SAMSEL Law Office once again started doing the students apprenticeship project addressed to the law students in order to broaden their interests and acquire more practical knowledge and experience. The expected work placement period: from July to September with the possibility of sustaining for the whole academic year. The current project’s participants are Monika Michałowska from the Warsaw Univeristy and Zofia Marciniak from the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University.

  • Season of shareholders meetings is finished


    Lawyers from our Law Office carried out numerous annual shareholders meetings of capital companies last time. As every year, the day of 30 June is a border date - till this day capital companies should hold appropriately an annual shareholders meeting in a limited liability company or an annual shareholders meeting in a joint-stock company. In many companies it is a period of reorganization of internal and corporate structure. During current year members of our team were conducting significant and successfully finalized ordinary shareholders meetings with participation of shareholders, their attorneys and invited guests.

  • Change of our registered office in Warsaw


    Our Law Office changed the location of its registered office with reference to its further growth. Since10 October 2012 our office has been located in the modern investment TRITON in Warsaw at Grójecka Street (Ochota district) (ul. Grójecka 194 lok. 55), 5 floor, near the city center. The previous registered office situated at Opaczewska Street (ul. Opaczewska 13 lok. 8) was affiliated as the additional agency.

    The building, where our office is now located, was designed according to the high standards. It is equipped in a reception and convenient location and infrastructure. There is a patio around the building, filled with greenery, and the three minute’ walk leads us directly to Szczęśliwicki Park. The arrangement of our office is modern and functional, well adapted for providing high quality legal services. The bright and specious décor of all rooms favors creating special atmosphere of working area. We invite you and encourage to visit us at place of our new location and to gain wider knowledge of our activity.

  • Management contracts - opinion of Mr. Ernest Samsel published in Gazeta Prawna


    In today’s number of Gazeta Prawna an article “Companies block experts by six months termination period” has been published. In the article the opinion of Mr. Ernest Samsel concerning management contract has been quoted. From his statement arises that “the most strict restrictions are used towards top-managers, who within their work, gain an access to e.g. sales technique or clients’ data bases and who within their duties - keep close contact with clients. As a result some of the restrictions state that even receiving a new work offer must be reported to the employer (often under the pain of financial penalty), other say that entering an recruitment proceedings without notifying the supervisor may be treated as significant infringement of the management-contract provisions”. Full access to the article is available on the website:,firmy_zatrzymuja_fachowcow_polrocznymi_okresami_wypowiedzenia.html

  • Human Dimension Implementation Meeting ODIHR OSCE


    Ms. Joanna Dąbrowska-Samsel, Polish attorney highlighted problems faced by victims of human trafficking as a result of the failure of authorities to properly identify them as victims and the absence of expert and timely legal assistance during a session of the Human Dimension Implementation Meeting in Warsaw, 6 October 2011., organized by Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE). Mr. Ernest Samsel also attended the HDIM session on behalf of our Law Office. The press release has been published on

  • Workshop on Access to Justice for Trafficked Persons


    Since 28 March till 30 March 2011 advocate Ms. Joanna Dąbrowska-Samsel and advocate Mr. Ernest Samsel participated in the Workshop on Access to Justice for Trafficked Persons in Istanbul (Turkey) organised by OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights in cooperation with Bilgi University Istanbul. Within the scope of the Workshop Ms. Joanna Dąbrowska-Samsel and Mr. Ernest Samsel gave a lecture and held a session on “Access to Justice and the Criminal Justice System”. The Workshop brought together lawyers, anti-trafficking experts and NGO representatives from across the OSCE region, including Central Asia, the Caucasus, South Eastern Europe, Western, Central and Eastern Europe. It aimed at enhancing future cooperation between the practitioners participating in the Workshop and to enable them to share and discuss their experiences, good practice and challenges in providing legal assistance to trafficked persons.

  • Study trip to Poland of the Azeri delegation


    On 28 September 2010 advocate Ms. Joanna Dąbrowska-Samsel and advocate Mr. Ernest Samsel participated in the session during the Study trip to Poland of the delegation from Azerbaijan. They gave a lecture on “Legal aspects of human trafficking in Poland”. The Study trip of the delegation from Azerbaijan was held on 27-30 September 2010 in Warsaw and was organized by OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights. The participants were inter alia representatives of Azerbaijani Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Labour, Office of the Prosecutor General, State Migration Service and particular NGO’s.

  • The possibility to review the land and mortgage register on the Internet


    In order to meet public society requirements, the Polish Ministry of Justice decided to create a public, free and common access to land and mortgage register held by courts in electronic central database. The review of land and mortgage register located in the above database is possible from 16 June 2010 on the website Access to the database is public (published:

  • Participation in the ‘Dispute Resolution in M&A Transactions’ conference


    The law office represented by Ms Joanna Dabrowska-Samsel and Mr Ernest Samsel participated in the Dispute Resolution in M&A Transactions - Tactics, Chalanges, Defences conference organized by the Court of Arbitration at the Polish Confederation of Private Employers Lewiatan (13-14 May 2010). The subject of this two days conference regarded mainly arbitration proceedings regarding dispute settlement in M&A transactions. Significance of our participation in this conference results from the fact that representation before arbitration courts and common courts is the major area of expertise of our law office.

  • Participation in the Multi-Step Dispute Resolution Conference


    Attorneys Ms Joanna Dabrowska-Samsel and Mr Ernest Samsel participated in Multi-Step Dispute Resolution Conference organized by the Centre of Pre-trial Dispute Resolution at the Warsaw University on 10 February 2010. This conference concerned mediation and arbitration, in particular concentrated on strong and weak points of different methods of dispute resolution.

  • Mr Ernest Samsel commented the use of an image of celebrities


    Newsroom of vertical portal turned to our law office for a legal comment with respect to using of celebrities’ image without their consent. This query has been related to the case of Mr Grzegorz Osyra, President of Myslowice city who used image of Artur Rojek leader of the Myslovitz music band, on posters promoting 650th anniversary of founding of Myslovice city. Acting this way Mr Grzegorz Osyra followed Mr Tomasz Nałęcz footsteps who used in his President’s billboard campaign image of Barack Obama. Legal comment of advocate Ernest Samsel concerning abovementioned issue has been published on,pr-w-mediach,22583,1.html

  • Advocate is entitled to confirm an authenticity of copy of the document with its original


    Since 1 January 2010 advocates have been entitled to certify the authenticity of a copy of the document with the presented original. This right has been granted to an advocate who is an attorney of a party in any civil, administrative or tax proceedings. Aforementioned changes have been introduced by the Act of 23 October 2009 on amendments in law regarding certification of documents. The document certified by an advocate is recognized as an official and authentic copy. Before above novelization of law the confirmation of an authenticity of document by an advocate during the court trial, in most cases, was not considered important and was not binding. Such a confirmation constituted only a part of judicial practice without any legal effects. Therefore the implementation of new provisions to the Polish law is extremely important, especially it will reduce costs of legal services because a certified copy of a document does not need to be prepared by a public notary any more. Currently it is sufficient to present an original document to an advocate who is entitled to its certification.