Real estate

Our law office’s practice is connected, to a large extent, with the property market. We have a wide experience within the broad spectrum of legal issues which occur with the new and considerable investments on this market. Lawyers associated with the office have participated in various infrastructure projects, real estate transactions and dispute resolutions in this domain.



We also deal with all commercial transactions that are an integral part of the real estate market, especially: contracts of property transfer and contracts relating to the rights of use of a real estate, including the preparation and monitoring of lease contracts and other similar agreements. In addition to the above we supply legal services which enable the establishment of limited rights on properties such as: perpetual usufruct, servitudes and mortgages.


One of the most important issues we deal with is the designation and regulation of the real estate’s legal status as described in the land and mortgage register. Our law office provides actions which verify the correctness of entries to the mortgage register and conduct proceedings before the land and mortgage courts, assuring proper assistance at every stage of the proceedings.


Moreover, we provide a broad range of legal services connected with the representing of our clients in civil proceedings before the Polish courts when the matters consist of disputes concerning rights and obligations resulting from property law, possession or usufruct of real estate.


We also provide assistance during the acquisition process of real estate by foreigners and help them in fulfilling each and every legal obligation within this scope.