Debt collection

We provide full legal service in the field of debt collection. We assist our Clients in negotiations with debtors, we handle litigation and enforcement. Our goal is to help our Clients optimise the risk linked with payment delays or their debtors’ insolvency.


Before the beginning of proceedings, we prepare calls for payment, recognition of debts, as well as settlements and arrangements with debtors regarding due dates and conditions of debt repayment. If the debtor is reluctant to voluntarily pay the amount due, we file lawsuits, prepare other petitions and pleadings and represent our Clients in court. After the final decision in the case we conduct enforcement proceedings aimed to recover the debt by the court executive officer.


If the debtor disposes of his assets to family members or contractors, we represent our Clients in proceedings for recognition of debtor’s actions as ineffective in relation to the Client as a creditor. In cases where a debtor’s actions constitute at the same time an offence we represent our Clients also in criminal proceedings aiming at holding by the court that debtor is obliged to compensate the loss.


Many years experience of the Firm demonstrates that debt collection managed by a professional agent is far more efficient than when self-managed by the Client. As a part of debt collection process, the Firm works closely with detective agencies, which helps in determining debtor’s assets on Client’s order.