Labour law

Our law office offers complex legal services for both individuals and employers in the area of labour law and social insurance issues. We are also engaged in preparing employment contracts, management contracts as well as non-competition agreements for employees.


Our practice also offers professional legal services in the area of internal rules such as labour regulations, rules of remuneration and class dismissal regulations. We also advise in the area of employment restructuring.


Our law firm compiles and implements activities connected to labour disputes such as employment relationship claims and declaratory actions. Our main objective is to settle disputes amicably and if necessary – to terminate an employment relationship peacefully. We also write out statements of claim and assure their representation at court.


In addition, we offer services related to health and safety at work regulations and solving problems which have resulted due to industrial accidents or occupational diseases.


We provide legal advice for individuals as well as legal entities in social and family insurance cases. We represent our clients in proceedings before the court and bodies of the insurer (e.g. ZUS) in each case related to the matter of insurance such as pensions, allowances, social benefits and other insurance benefits.