Competition and advertisement

Our law office provides legal assistance in the area of prevention and combating unfair competition in business, in particular in industrial production, construction, trade and services. Our lawyers have participated in many proceedings aimed at combating manifestations of unfair market practices.


We represent clients in disputes concerning issues such as misleading marking of goods or services, imitation of products and their packaging, or unlawful use of business names.


We also provide advisory services in cases of violation of company secrecy both by employees and competitors in the market. We provide assistance in matters of alleged inducement to terminate or fail to execute agreements, to hamper access to the market by other entities, as well as in matters of alleged bribery of a civil servant.


We participate in litigations for unlawful taking over of a client database or company contacts, as well as inducement of employees, in contradiction with good practice, to change their workplace.


We provide legal advice in cases of unfair or forbidden advertising and dissemination of untrue or misleading information about one’s own or other enterprise, as well as use of disallowed methods of promotion or marketing.


Last but not least we provide legal assistance in various situations of doubts as to which business entity is entitled to use a given business name and take advantage of its goodwill if an enterprise undergoes liquidation, division or transformation, and there is no agreement in this regard between the parties concerned.