Our aim is to build team of lawyers who possess outstanding legal knowledge, strong personal abilities and are able to function independently and as a group in a friendly working atmosphere. This goal contributes to the fulfilment of our mission; that is, to deliver legal services to the highest standards without compromising the best interests of our clients.


Through proper organisation of the team we are able to provide a comprehensive range of services. Careful selection of employees means the relatively new office grows at a fast pace in line with the actual needs of our clients.


Our lawyers are highly experienced, with excellent background in both domestic and international work. Where teams of lawyers are involved, the structure of such teams is organized so as to give the best possible service whilst not burdening it with the high time costs agreed with clients. Typically, while an advocate remains in overall charge and supervision of a transaction he is supported by one or more associates who in turn are assisted by junior lawyers. This means that specific areas of work are dealt with by specific lawyers with an appropriate experience and charging rate.